Self-Organizing Lanterns

Lanterns Seoul, Korea (Photo credit: David Lee)
Solar power
Lantern sculpture
Public plaza (with Alexis Sanal)
Self-Organizing Lanterns
Public plaza (with Alexis Sanal)
Lantern dispenser

SOLs are programmable, hand-held, ambient lighting nodes. Each lantern presents a node in a network of lighting devices on loan to different users from a sculptural charging station powered by renewable energy. Individuals may use the lights for personal uses such as jogging or biking. Or they may join public events that incorporate the programmable lanterns into performances such as outdoor concerts. Each device includes wireless capabilities and RGBA light-emitting diodes to enable different modes of operation. Still, it is the self-organizing nature of people moving through the city that gives rise to the meaning of SOL.

Project Info
May 2010
Cambridge, MA
Alexis Sanal, Dennis Frenchman