11.947 New Century Cities

The Center for Real Estate, the City Design and Development Group and Smart Cities at the MIT Media Lab co-sponsored a faculty-student seminar, which consisted of six seminar sessions held from September through December 2004. The core group included more than five faculty members, ten students and a teaching assistant. Additional faculty visitors from various MIT departments and visiting speakers contributed frequently throughout the semester bringing real-world examples and theoretical insights to the table. The sessions covered urban design and placemaking, SENSEable city technologies, social value creation, real estate value. The findings were then used in preparation for an international conference in January 2005 hosted by the MIT Center for Real Estate.

Project Info
September 2004
Cambridge, MA
Workshop coordinator: Susanne Seitinger; Participants: Dennis Frenchman, David Geltner, William J. Mitchell, Michael Joroff, Tony Ciochetti, Carlo Ratti, Kent Larson, Keith Hampton, Frank Levy and others including students from the City Design and Develop
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